Law of Success
      By: Q.S. Khan

Human beings are combination of matter and energy. That is body and soul. Similarly prosperity is also combination of matter and positive energy, that is actual possession of wealth and blessing. Majority of peoples are unaware of the mental and spiritual side of prosperity. Hence they struggle through out their career and remain failure even at the end of their life. “Law of Success for both the Worlds”. This book has been written to introduce you both the aspect of prosperity, that is earning wealth along with blessing. This book is in most simple language, it refers to the teaching of reputed and time tested self-help motivational books of the world, along with views of author. If a young ntrepreneur dose not have time and access to read many books, this book will at least introduce him to all those subject.

    Pavitra Ved
      aur Islam Dharm

This book has been written to reduce communal hatred between Hindus and Muslims, and to give them knowledge about what is common between these two religions. This book is dedicated to all those peace-loving individuals who dreams for a peaceful and prosperous India.

   دولت مند کیسے بنیں؟

In this collection of articles, I have collected jewels from divine treasure of Holy Quran and Hadees Shareef, and I am presenting it in book form to you also, so that we all can try and do our best to follow them. In this book, I have concentrated mainly on financial prosperity through right means. If you benefit from this book please do remember me in your supplications (Dua).